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County of Los Angeles' Office of the Assessor

A sunset can either end a chapter or end a book.


This is a website I've decided to construct at the behest of a certain Mr. Long, cảm ơn ngài.

It is my belief that our assessor's office (because it's yours too) is ready to begin a new story. We suffer from the problem of having a reactive, not proactive government. Initiative, flexibility and innovation are as important to running a government service as they are a business.

The assessor's current system is rife with outmoded or inefficient programming (new as it is), substandard hardware, and irrelevant processes for the modern era. This is especially important considering the size and scope of Los Angeles County. Please view the Strategy and Outreach pages for more information. Continue below for my background information.

About me

I'm 37 years old, my wife and I have an infant son who relishes in making our lives as busy as possible. I've worked for the Office of the Assessor for almost eight years. It's possible that I've reviewed thousands of properties in the San Fernando Valley during that time. I've met and conversed with countless homeowners in various settings. I was born and raised in the East San Fernando Valley, where I currently live, and I have always had the desire for understanding the underlying reasons which underpin the problem at hand.

That desire has led me to believe that there are specific strategies which we can implement for the benefit of the public and staff at our assessor's office. These strategies will lead to institutional changes that satisfy our desire for reasonable assessments in a timely manner and in a cost-effective, common-sense way. See below for my bona fides.


University of Southern California, Master of Public Administration (2020)

Fight On!


Foreign languages: I was once good at Spanish and Portuguese. I knew French once upon a time. I find Japanese easier to learn than Vietnamese though I'm equally awful at both; I haven't learned much due to life getting busier.

Traveling: Spain, France, Netherlands, Italy, Israel, Japan, China, Vietnam, Mexico, Peru, Chile, and Brazil. Hiatus due to COVID. The last country I visited was Vietnam!

Gardening: I'm attempting to root cuttings, unsuccessful thus far. Growing leafy vegetables, squash and herbs.

"Fixing" things around the house: It always takes longer than I figured it would.

Leading the Office of the Assessor.