Anthony Lopez


City of Los Angeles' Council District 6

District Outreach

There are a number of homeowners who are unaware of the laws governing property in California. I want to ensure that as many of them as possible are reached through this office. You'll find a few key words below as a starting off point. I've included some links to outside agencies that I feel have done an exemplary job of explaining the material. I believe in using the best resources and information available to me.

Please make sure to vote for me in June so that we can turn things around at the Assessor's Office!

You may contact me if you wish. See below for my email. Please assist me in getting out the vote! Post on social media, text, or tell whoever you know! It would be much appreciated.

Click on Base Year Value to find out more

This is usually the amount you paid for your house.

Click on Trended Base Year Value to find out more

This is the product of your base year assessment multiplied by a certain factor.

Click on Decline in Value to find out more

Annual reduction offered when the market value of your home drops below your assessment, as of January 1st of every year. Application period opens in July.

Misfortune or Calamity

Temporary reduction when something uncontrollable like a fire or flood happens to your house, must meet certain criteria and you have one year to file.